Air Compressor Requirement for Pharmaceutical Industry

Medicinal product manufacturing conditions, particularly clean room conditions, are subject to very stringent hygiene standards. It is therefore very important that the production takes place in an environment that is free of germs, particles, bacteria and contaminating oils. Also, since compressed air is often in direct contact with the product itself during the production processes of pharmaceuticals, it is subjected to high requirements. Depending on its application, compressed air must be sterile or oil-free

Compressed Air technology in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Clean Compressed air is vital to the pharmaceutical industry, and its usage can be classified into two categories; process applications and direct contact applications. The second category entails the direct contact of compressed air with the application, thus making air quality critical.

Tablet Production and Coating

Compressed air is used to de-dust tablets and spray on tablet coatings. Impurities in the air will have a detrimental effect on health. Class 0 100% oil-free air ensures air purity and eliminates risk. The ELGi Oil-Free Compressors are Class-0 certified.

Mixing and Holding

In the mixing and holding tanks, compressed air is used to maintain the pressure that ensures the sterility of the product. This sensitive application is possible while oil-free compressors are used.

Product Filling, Packaging and Bottling

Oil-free compressors eliminate the risk of contaminating the products during the production stages of filing, packaging, and bottling.

Oil-Free Air compressor in Pharmaceutical Industry

To meet the industry standards, G3 Solutions provide Oil free compressors that will enhance your energy efficiency and productivity. You can be rest assured that there will be zero risk of contamination of your final product.ELGi air compressors provide high reliability, energy efficiency, better return on investment, lower cost of ownership, and fast and efficient aftermarket service support.