Using the optimal materials and configuration for your compressed air piping system plays a tremendous role in the overall performance of your compressed air system. When the proper design considers products produced, management of turbulence, velocity, and pressure drops; the bottom line will benefit. G3 partners with manufacturers of all marine-grade aluminum fittings and piping systems for compressed air, vacuum, and inert air. Our supplier maintains large stocks of inventory at the ready for your next project and offers a lifetime warranty on every system.


Elevation provides a simple solution for large air / gas / vacuum users, and is without a doubt, the easiest and fastest system to install. It has the lowest cost of ownership and the best quality of media delivery available.

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An all metal, quick-connect piping system, with a unique push-to-connect design. Infinity offers high performance and versatility in a lightweight, easy to install and easily modified system.

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From home garage to high-tech manufacturers, Quick-Fit is an instant push-connect system when you need the highest quality and durability at an affordable cost—designed for compressor systems 10hp and smaller.

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Financing available

Financing options are being offered by G3 Industrial Solutions to help you maintain your ​cash flow and financial budget. Financing can be used for equipment (air compressor, air dryer, etc.) or the complete turnkey installed compressed air system.