Clean Resources has set the bar for compressor condensate management. When properly sized, installed, and registered, our systems are guaranteed for 12 months to perform and reduce the contaminants in your compressor condensate to 10 ppm or less*.

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XpandAir provides continuous dynamic response to varying air system demand to ensure product and process consistency.

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Compressed Air Receiver Tanks

Air receiver tanks improve the efficiency and performance of your compressed air system. Looking to add or replace an existing air receiver tank?

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The Condensate Handler considered the industry standard, so much that the design has been modified for many non-standard applications, including high- and low-pressure environments, high temperatures, and environments with a large concentration of rust or other solids.

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Safety Valves

Properly functioning pressure safety relief valves are a small but important piece to your compressed air system. Using the correct one for your application is critical.

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Financing available

Financing options are being offered by G3 Industrial Solutions to help you maintain your ​cash flow and financial budget. Financing can be used for equipment (air compressor, air dryer, etc.) or the complete turnkey installed compressed air system.