Chiller and process cooling is utilized in a variety of industries, including but not limited to : plastic thermoforming, brewing, food processing, distilling, metalworking, printing, and labelling. Both offer increases in production quality while reducing operating costs through efficiency. The need for process cooling in particular is becoming more necessary as various industries and governments strengthen water quality standards.


Chillers are utilized to hold many types of common fluids at a constant temperature.

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A cost-efficient way to maintain consistent equipment cooling temperatures and prevent corrosion. Any heat-producing industrial process or equipment will benefit from the installation of this system. The HydroThrift system removes heat from machines and processes continuously, cleanly and with little or no maintenance.

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Financing available

Financing options are being offered by G3 Industrial Solutions to help you maintain your ​cash flow and financial budget. Financing can be used for equipment (air compressor, air dryer, etc.) or the complete turnkey installed compressed air system.