As compressed air comes into contact with the end product, the food and beverage industries are on high alert for the quality of compressed air. In order to avoid affecting the quality of food and drinks, compressed air of the highest quality is essential. Compressed air has a wide variety of applications across industries. In the food and beverage industry, air compressors are used in production chains, packaging and cleaning.

Application of Compressed air in Food and Beverage Industry

Compressed air that comes in direct contact with food products must be properly purified and filtered to ensure food safety. In the food and beverage industry compressed air is used in sorting and moving, peeling and cutting, filling and cooling products. In the above-mentioned applications, air comes in direct contact with the food products and it is essential to keep air dry to prevent microbial growth.

Compressed air provides solutions to the food and beverage industry in transport and storage, packaging,filling and capping, cooling, spraying and cleaning, fermentation, and in aerated products.

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