Air quality is critical to the long-term health of your compressed air system, and instrumental in ensuring product standards are often met in many industries. When air is compressed through a compressor, the result is condensate. If left untreated and released into the open, this mixture of water, oil and dust particles can have detrimental effects on the environment. G3 Industrial Solutions is committed to bringing to market first-in-class products to assist in environmental stewardship in and out of the manufacturing plant.


G3 offers a wide selection of refrigerated air dryers to meet your compressed air needs. Our highly efficient and low cost refrigerated air dryers purify compressed air, by chilling it to condense the moisture, leading to cleaner air and a longer life for your valuable equipment.

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The ZEKS dryers are designed for reliability, efficiency and high performance. ZEKS brings in the latest technology to manufacture the Heatsink™ HSH dryers as an alternative to non-cyclic dryers.

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Mikropor Compressed Air Filters have been designed to meet all requirements of the compressed air filtration world.

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Single- or multi-user breathing systems with Tsunami’s 3-stage filtration and CO monitoring. 20 to 50 CFM.

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Financing available

Financing options are being offered by G3 Industrial Solutions to help you maintain your ​cash flow and financial budget. Financing can be used for equipment (air compressor, air dryer, etc.) or the complete turnkey installed compressed air system.