Compressed air plays a vital role along the production and assembly chain of the automotive industry. It is also essential and indispensable in vehicle repair and maintenance operations. The automotive industry has seen a transformation with advanced computer technologies, automated assembly systems and compressed air systems over the period.

Air Compressor Uses in Automotive industry

Diverse Application of Compressed Air Technology in the Automotive Industry Include:
  • Plasma Cutting
  • Air operated Robots
  • Tyre Inflation
  • Automobile finishing
  • Air Tools

Cars are now made of more durable and lightweight composite materials including plastics. During assembly, compressed air tools create the auto parts and power the lifting, positioning, and moving, fastening machines. Important vehicle components, such as door panels and trunks, are formed using it.

Apart from application benefits, Compressed air benefits the automotive industry by being cost-effective, being energy efficient, and providing operators safety.

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