Compressed air system controllers provide energy savings by optimally selecting what compressed air equipment to run based on the current compressed air demand in your facility. This constant data monitoring and optimization reduces the total electrical energy needed to maintain compressed air pressure and flow to support your operations. Installation of a pressure and flow controller will significantly reduce energy waste, enhance air compressor efficiency and maximize production.

Remote Monitoring Systems

Remote monitoring that’s simple to install, connect and use — utilizing universal hardware solutions to provide secure, accurate readings of all your monitored equipment in a single online portal.

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The VPFlowScope® M is a four-in-one insertion flow meter for compressed air and technical gases. It can be installed under pressure and measures flow, pressure, temperature, and total flow simultaneously.

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Prosaris delivers significant value by providing a different and robust solution that: Records leaks and associated data; enables leak data analysis and assessment; and supports leak remediation management and correction.

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With the advanced control technology, the uptime manager from ELGi or any other manufacturer can work with your compressor to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

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Financing available

Financing options are being offered by G3 Industrial Solutions to help you maintain your ​cash flow and financial budget. Financing can be used for equipment (air compressor, air dryer, etc.) or the complete turnkey installed compressed air system.