In response to compressed air system demand, each module's refrigeration system automatically cycles on and off to cool a thermal storage media. This media is circulated among each module’s all-stainless steel CFX media-to-air heat exchangers, thereby cooling the compressed air and delivering dry air to the compressed air system. Condensed moisture is efficiently removed from the air stream via each module’s no-air-loss condensate drain.

11 Models, 3,250-19,200 SCFM

  • Modular Design Permits Redundancy And Future Expansion
  • Inlet And Outlet Headers Permit Connection At Either End
  • Cycling Operation For Energy Savings
  • ZEKS Patented CFX® All-Stainless Steel Heat Exchangers
  • Precooler/Reheater (one per Module)
  • Low Pressure Drop
  • Digital Controllers With Remote Communication Capability (one per Module)
  • Pneumatically Operated No Air-Loss Drains
  • Assembled In USA