Remote Monitoring importance and how it helps in uptime?

As large, general-purpose mechanical equipment, air compressors, pumps, process chillers, dryers and many other industrial machines require periodic maintenance. Inefficient operation increases power consumption and maintenance costs. Long periods of downtime give rise to losses.

Adopting a remote monitoring system ensures continuous operation of air compressors and many other industrial assets.

What is a remote monitoring system?

A remote monitoring system allows users to manage assets from a remote location with the help of electronic devices. By deploying a remote monitoring system for industrial machines, the users will have the visibility to monitor the performance of the system. Equipment supervisors can periodically check performance, efficiency and reliability from remote locations.

When gas or oil levels drop below allowed levels, car drivers receive alerts. Remote monitoring systems work similarly preventing unwanted issues or downtime.

A compressor remote monitoring system is low-cost, has an efficient data storage technology, versatile functionality and enables centralized access management of front-end connected devices. The solution helps to achieve intelligent monitoring, operation and maintenance management, reducing energy consumption and improving business efficiency thus enabling economic and efficient management of air compressors.

Key functions that help in uptime of compressors and other industrial machines

1. Data collection :

By using the remote monitoring system, you will be able to record the required parameters of the air compressor in real time and observe the performance of the unit through a simple and easy-to-read dashboard on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can be ensured that the equipment is in working order.

2. Scheduling preventive maintenance :

Employees and service providers can easily schedule timely operation and maintenance management.

3. Alerts and notifications :

The system also alerts of breakdowns or unscheduled stops. Immediate action can be taken to bring the equipment to function again. This is fully customizable, and access is given to service providers and employees for maximum response and uptime.

4. System assessments :

Paying for companies to come in periodically and perform assessments or audits of compressed air systems or other industrial systems is costly and only provides a snapshot of data for a given time, usually 7-10 days. Plants and production schedules are dynamic, things constantly change if not week to week certainly from one year to the next. The ProCura system with the proper instrumentation can provide continuous system monitoring and data recording. Engineers with G3 can monitor this data to give customers a continuous assessment or audit of their system.

5. Mobile app :

Traditional monitoring and maintenance methods can lead to higher downtime of equipment. With the help of remote monitoring systems, the operating status and maintenance order can be monitored in the mobile app.

G3 solutions is committed to customer service and has chosen ProCura IoT as solution provider for remote monitoring of air compressor systems and other industrial systems.

ProCura IoT provides solutions for effective management of compressed air systems. It delivers infinite and accurate visibility, plus ease of use. From simple install and setup, through dependable everyday application.

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