When it comes to reliable and efficient compressed air solutions, look no further than ELGi’s rotary screw air compressors. These cutting-edge machines are the heartbeat of countless industries, powering everything from manufacturing facilities to automotive workshops. If you're seeking uncompromised performance, energy efficiency, and long-lasting reliability, you've come to the right place.
At G3 Industrial Solutions, we supply ELGi’s rotary screw compressor systems, including:

  • EN Series Oil-Lubricated Rotary Screw Air Compressors
  • EG Series Oil-Lubricated Rotary Screw Air Compressors
  • AB Series Oil-Free Rotary Screw Air Compressors
  • OF Series Oil-Free Rotary Screw Air Compressors


Reliable: Rotary screw air compressors are renowned for their consistent and reliable performance. Whether you need a continuous supply of compressed air for your production line or a reliable source of power for your pneumatic tools, these compressors won't let you down.

Energy-Efficient: These machines are designed with energy efficiency in mind. The innovative rotary screw technology ensures you get more compressed air output for energy consumed, translating into significant energy cost savings, reducing your operational expenses.

Low Maintenance: Say goodbye to frequent downtime and costly maintenance. Rotary screw compressors are engineered for minimal wear and tear, meaning fewer service calls and more productivity. Invest your time where it matters most, not in constant upkeep.

Quiet Operation: Enjoy a quieter working environment. Rotary screw compressors are engineered for minimal noise, ensuring a more comfortable and productive workspace for your team.

Environmental Responsibility: As the world becomes more conscious of its carbon footprint, rotary screw compressors have adapted. Many models are designed to meet stringent environmental standards,


When you invest in a rotary screw air compressor, the power of reliability, efficiency, and innovation, all come in one package, so you don’t have to sacrifice any advantage. Whether you're a small business owner looking for a dependable air source or a large-scale industrial facility seeking to optimize its compressed air system, rotary screw compressors are the answer.


Ready to take your operations to the next level? Contact G3 Industrial Solutions today to learn more about the range of rotary screw air compressors we offer, discuss your specific requirements, and get a quote tailored to your needs. We're here to provide the power you need to thrive in your industry. Don't settle for less; choose rotary screw air compressors for unparalleled performance and reliability.

brands we offer

  • ELGi
  • Sauer
  • Atlas Copco
  • Kaeser
  • Boge
  • Ingersoll Rand
  • Quincy
  • Sullair
  • Gardner Denver
  • Chicago Pneumatic
  • NANO
  • Curtis
  • Kobelco
  • CompAir
  • Aircel
  • Great Lakes
  • Kaishan
  • Zeks
  • Hankison
  • Sullivan-Palatek
  • Busch
  • BeaconMedaes
  • Pattons Medical

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing between oil-free and oil-lubricated rotary screw air compressors is a critical decision that depends on your specific application and requirements. Here are a few key factors to consider when making this choice:

Application Requirements: Consider the specific demands of your application, with a focus on air quality and the presence of oil-sensitive processes or products.

Maintenance Needs: Evaluate your maintenance capabilities and budget, as oil-free compressors generally have lower maintenance requirements.

Initial and Long-Term Costs: Assess the upfront and long-term costs, keeping in mind that oil-free compressors may have a higher initial cost but lower operating costs over time.

Environmental Impact: Consider the environmental implications, as oil-free compressors are more eco-friendly due to the elimination of oil-related issues.

Required Air Pressure and Capacity: Ensure that the chosen compressor aligns with your specific air pressure and capacity needs, irrespective of oil-free or oil-lubricated options.

Rotary screw air compressors are versatile machines and find applications in a wide range of industries due to their reliability, efficiency, and consistent air output. Some of the industries where rotary screw air compressors are commonly used include:

Manufacturing: Used for powering various pneumatic tools and equipment in manufacturing processes such as metalworking, woodworking, and assembly lines.

Textiles: Important for powering air-jet looms and textile machinery.

Automotive: Vital for operating air tools, spray painting, and pneumatic control systems in automotive repair and manufacturing.

Pharmaceutical: Critical for providing clean, oil-free compressed air for pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging processes where air quality is crucial.

Food and Beverage: Utilized for applications such as packaging, conveying, and in the operation of food processing equipment, ensuring air quality compliance with industry standards.

Paper Industry: Utilized in paper mills for a variety of tasks, including powering paper machines, controlling air knives for web drying, and maintaining pneumatic systems for quality control in paper production processes.

The cost of a rotary screw air compressor can vary significantly depending on several factors and on your specific compressed air requirements. Reach out to our team at G3 Industrial Solutions to talk to an expert regarding a quote to meet your unique requirements and help you make an informed decision.